Types Of Lodging For People Who Want A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Corporate hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott offer something that is prized by many travelers, and that is familiarity. Traveling to a new city or even country can be stressful, so guests who choose hotel chains know exactly what to expect in terms of furnishings, decor, and level of service. A hotel can provide a comfortable home base in an unfamiliar place. But not all travelers appreciate predictability. Those who seek a one-of-a-kind hotel stay should consider the following options.

A Hotel Barge

In the 1960s, a trend began in Europe to convert working barges into hotels. Still today, many hotel barges navigate the canals of France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the UK. Much smaller than a standard hotel, hotel barges usually house anywhere from 4 to 24 guests, depending on their size, and they offer a high level of personal service. The highest level of service is provided by a few five-star barges that have an on-site chef.

A Capsule Hotel

Another unique lodging experience is a stay in a Japanese capsule or pod hotel. The tiny capsules, just 2 meters in width and 1 meter in height, are only large enough to sit or lie down in, and they are stacked in two levels. Guest share bathing and toilet facilities. Despite the small size of the capsules, they offer some modern conveniences, like a television, a wireless internet connection, and personal air conditioning controls. Capsule hotels may offer other amenities like a restaurant or swimming pool.

An Ice Hotel

Travelers to parts in the far north, like Canada, Scandinavia, and northern Japan, can experience a stay in an ice hotel. This type of hotel is a temporary structure sculpted entirely out of ice. Not only are the walls and roof of the building made of ice, so are the beds, tables, chairs, and even drinking glasses. Guests who sleep on ice beds are wrapped in special sleeping bags to keep warm.

A Boutique Hotel

Guests who want a less adventurous but still unique hotel stay should consider a boutique hotel in Melbourne. This type of hotel combines the best of both worlds in terms of comfort, service, and one-of-a-kind architecture and decor. The Treasury on Collins, for example, is located in a historic building constructed in the late 1800s. It housed a bank for many years before it was redesigned as a hotel. It was renovated carefully to preserve many of its original architectural features. The small size of a boutique hotel and the non-corporate interior design offer a comfortable yet memorable alternative to a corporate chain hotel.